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Humane products in Mauritius

Key: FF denotes fragrance-free options available (is a feature bc all vegans on the island are lazy and/or entitled POS, and I compile for allergics and the chemically injured).

FF Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap It’s not all cheap but trial sizes & bulk quantities available, the pure castille soap gets diluted so it lasts over a year if used for dishes + laundry + cleaning). Maybe another household can help split costs, I think it works out cheaper than them buying dishwashing liquid and so on. It claims 18 uses including teeth cleaning (eww but yes, google). Coconut oil of the same brand, all fairtrade and humane, is available, can be combined with bicarbonate of soda to make products including deodorant. It sells toothpaste and a rather cheap lipbalm (Dr. Bronners, fragrance free os an option and less than 1/2 the price of fragrance-free French brands).

At 2 other places, and Ébène Health Solutions Market also sells soap-sud (for cleaning more thoroughly) and shikakai soap (for sensitive skin but please know that ants will get drawn to it, alternatively add moisturising oil to diluted castille soap for personal care). When the 18-in-1 is used for laundry, one would need e.g. vinegar or bicarbonate of soda as softener.

Earth Choice detergents, the whole range available at supermarkets (e.g. Tang Spar, thanks a bunch for finding, Malinee Mootoocurpen!) are humane and phosphate-free.

FF Melvita products‎, such as Jojoba oil – a liquid wax and chemically like skin sebum, a LeMauricien clipping said it’s suitable for oily/combo skin. A friend uses it on dry skin instead of a day cream, and in her 50’s, her skin looks great. La Vie Claire (Grand Baie, Tamarin, Floréal) stocks a range of Melvita oils and products. They also sell Lamazuna (do I have to specify vegan, zero dechet/ zero waste when they cost upward of R500 + over R200 for the jar? I mean a jar that still uses energy-intensive aluminium), Logona, Weleda.

Beautiful Earth (mosquito repelling spray that is free of chemicals but for clothing) and the Victorian Garden (contains essential oils as fragrance) at Biotifully Yours. Contact Mrs. Arzina Rojoa or a saleperson 52576630. They can also email you their newest catalogue.

Woolworths (read the labels to check if vegan) housebrand detergents and beauty products are certified by Beauty Without Cruelty SA.

Oh-so-Heavenly as well, again, read the labels is you are vegan because e.g. lip balm used to be vegan as well, now they are not. They are repped by Green Brands aka Pastel.

Organic care shampoo h/t Mrs B. Juganaikloo Appadoo via VSFNG – Mauritius page. It looks fragranced.

In case you need non-tested make-up it is more easily available, and a list has long been available locally. make-up is the only cruelty-free stuff I ever found in the Vegan Society-Mauritius (on facebook) aside from Gaia.

There may still be Esse face products in Port-Louis, at Natura or something, opposite Courts? (with a bridge across the street on the left). The scrub I tried was low-scent, with natural cocoa that’s really overwhelming, sugar, a little lemongrass essential oil. Free of phosphates and SLS.

Please have a look at the DIY post too.

Aside from the cruelty to animals, cruel products are also often cruel to people and the planet. If you’re looking at products not listed here check the label for official bunny logos, not just any bunny; and the brand names would be listed on the sites too such as if you search by country of origin of the product here. If it is a local product, not that I’ve seen any, maybe suppliers won’t be local and either way certification could easily be obtained.


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