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karela curry

I’ve never had this but then again I’m more of a fried thinly sliced karela (bitter gourd) person, it makes me think of unsweetened cornflakes bc I love the combination.

I guess this can be stuffed with ground dhal or seeds too for a high protein curry, like mock fish curry. Ingredients are bolded for ease of execution. idk how many tomatoes.

Scratch the peel of the karela, slit them lengthways but not completely. Soak in salt water (I’m guessing after emptying the inside).

Soya mince can be used to make the exact non-vegan recipe she gave – seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, 5-spice mix, or some spices of your choosing. Stuff the karela, tie it with some string or be prepared to turn it over with skill.

Chop 1-2 large onion/s.

Heat some cooking oil, add 1 tsp panch phoran, onion, curry leaves, wet curry powder (or mixed with water), tomatoes. Garlic and ginger after a while. then the karela.

Put enough water for the karela to cook. add salt. Let it simmer.

She suggests a potato version as the only vegan option.


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