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Naturally plant-based horchatas

Also rice free:

Boricua – horchata de ajonjoli, this drink is made by boiling water, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and then soaking it overnight with ground sesame seeds. In the morning, the resulting mixture is strained with cheesecloth and served chilled (sometimes with a splash of rum).

Ecuadorean horchata is entirely different than the varieties found in the rest of Latin America. To make this drink, more than 28 medicinal plants are infused to create a red herbal tea which is then served with lemon juice and honey. It’s common in the Andean region of Loja where it’s sold hot or cold and said to treat a variety of ailments. Some of the most common herbs found in this horchata variety are chamomile, mint, lemon verbena, lemongrass, bloodleaf, and rose geranium.

Enjoy with your very different Ecuadorian metal

or Puerto Rican metal 

I realised I need to discover some myself, yay for blogging.


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